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 Earning and Spending points

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PostSubject: Earning and Spending points   Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:26 am

Earning points is very simple guys Smile

God Runs:Earn 1 point for being early,2 extra points for killin our FIRST god,1 point per each god we kill AFTER the first god we kill...lets say we kill Genbu first....any god after him u get 1 extra point for each god we kill...see simple eh..

Sky Farming:Again 1 point for being early,once the farming starts you will earn 1 point for every 30 minutes you are up there farming with us...so if u farm for lets say 4 hrs, thats what 8 points easy peezy

Spending Points:Gear dropped from the gods will be auctioned...you bid the points u earned to get what u want..so hopefully this way everyone can get what they want...
Gil drops on the other hand will be web auctioned....one of my sackholder(Generals)will hold on to the gil drops..lets say a Vclaw drops..I or one of the general will lot on the gil drop...and will post it under the web auction section...auction will begin the moment we get the gil drops and end two days later...so you have two days have a bidding battle...also you cannot bid on a Gil drops if you got a gear drop..and you cannot bid on 2 gil drops at a time...gotta be considerate to out other LS mates who also need gil aswell...

well thats about it in the Earning and Spending section...
Hope you guys like the idea..and if u just post ur apps^^

PS:GODz will pwn ALL


GODz son!
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Earning and Spending points
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