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 Application: Jitsumaru

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PostSubject: Application: Jitsumaru   Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:20 am

This is my friends app that im posting for them Smile she should be transfered here soon.

Name: Jitsumaru (my change depending if the name is taken or not)

Sky experience: i haven't done any sky yet but theres a first time for everything, and Obliv said he will get me sky in a day and he will show me around, and we're always on skype with him so he can always give me and aby the low-down.

Nation Rank: Sandy 7

Jobs at 73+: WHM75 (other jobs a may start lvling are BLM and BRD which i think are both at 40. (havent been on the game in awhile, just coming back lol )

Sub Jobs: BLM and SMN

How did you hear about this Sky LS: from my friend Oblivionx

Why do you want to join this Sky LS: too be able to have some fun in the game with my friends Smile

Something about yourself: I like muffin cakes Very Happy (and like to speak in a british accent)

What times are you able to run: all your current days i am able to run, may have to do some homework on WEDs.though lol.
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Application: Jitsumaru
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