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 Shadowplay/Siyook's App

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PostSubject: Shadowplay/Siyook's App   Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:35 am

Name: Shadowplay Siyook

Sky Experence as Shadowplay: none as Siyook: lots

Jobs 73+: Shadowplay 75WHM Siyook 75MNK 75WAR

Sub Jobs: Shadowplay 40BLM 40RDM Siyook 43NIN

Rank: Shadowplay Sandy 6 Siyook Sandy 10 Bastok 10 Windy 10

Heard about LS from: Stacia/Ravenskye

Cop Shadowplay none Siyook need Mea still

ToAU Shadowplay 12 Siyook 12

Sky times: can be there anytime

Little sumthing bout me: im sweet atleast thats what i hear alot lol Ihelp out alot hav trouble saying no

Whats Next: Shadowplay 75RDM Siyook 75SAM
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Shadowplay/Siyook's App
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